Cormac McCarthy Journal vol. 8, no. 1 (Fall 2010)

The Fall 2010 issue of the Cormac McCarthy Journal is now available. With Stacey Peebles taking over as editor of the journal, this issue continues work on The Road (which was the subject of the previous issue) and also includes articles on Sunset Limited, McCarthy's western fiction, as well as a number of reviews interacting with McCarthy scholarship.

Table of Contents

Editor’s Introduction (Stacey Peebles)

God, Morality, and Meaning in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road
Erik Wielenberg (1-16)

Prometheus Hits The Road: Revising the Myth
Daniel Luttrull (17-28)

“Minimalist Tragedy”: Nietzschean Thought in McCarthy’s The Sunset Limited
William Quirk (29-46)

A Frontier Myth Turns Gothic: Blood Meridian
Ronja Vieth (47-62)

Cormac McCarthy, Violence, and Borders:
The Map as Code for What Is Not Contained
Daniel Weiss (63-77)

A Note on a Review of Blood Meridian by Robert BolaƱo
Samuel Sotillo (78-79)

Don Graham Does Cormac Doing Oprah
Jim Welsh (80-81)

Book Reviews
  • Luce, Dianne C. Reading the World: Cormac McCarthy’s Tennessee Period. Review by David Cremean (82-85)
  • Beck, John. Dirty Wars: Landscape, Power and Waste in Western American Literature. Review by Rick Wallach (86-87)
  • McGilchrist, Megan. The Western Landscape in Cormac McCarthy and Wallace Stegner: Myths of the Frontier. Review by Nell Sullivan (88-91)
  • Appalachian Heritage: A Literary Quarterly of the Southern Appalachians. Special issue on Cormac McCarthy. Review by Allen Josephs (92-93)
Contributor Biographies (94-95)

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